A Carousel conveyor oven is a simple concept which saves valuable space and allows the product to be loaded and unloaded at the same spot.

The design and construction for temperature from 40°C (100°F) to 400°C (750°F) would fit to any of your processes:

- Several independent heating zones as well as cooling zone could be provided.

- Manual loading and unloading at the same spot with operator's safety provided by light curtains, doors or bi-manual controls.

- Automatic loading and unloading by robot or manipulator with an accurate positioning ensured by indexing mechanism, resulting in a huge reduction of the cycle-time.

Industrial applications :
Our caroussel ovens have a wide range of applications : polymerisation, drying, tempering, annealing, vulcanization, curing, preheating, heat treatment, stabilization, ageing

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Curing carousel oven - Curing of small aircraft parts - Automatic loading/unloading - Control of the humidity inside the oven

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3 levels carousel oven system - 3-levels carousel oven - Each level opening with automatic doors - Automatic loading/unloading by robot levels carousel oven

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Rotating table oven - 4-stations trim carousel system - Preheating / pressing / heating / cooling - Very compact solution

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Drying carousel oven - Drying carousel oven for electronic parts

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