ELMETHERM is a vertical oven manufacturer, who provides turnkey equipment for reduced floor spaces for your thermal applications from 40°C (100°F) to 350°C (660°F). These equipments (vertical ovens, tower ovens) help you to minimize floor space while providing excellent temperature uniformity, reliable mechanics, low maintenance and easy access.


This type of tower is extremely compact. By stacking trays, it is possible to work at high temperatures without sticking risks thanks to a simplified mechanical system without using chains. All mechanical components are located outside of the hot zone. Considering your expectations ELMETHERM can design any industrial vertical oven in the best way to improve your process without adding labor or losing floor space. Loading and unloading could be placed at the same or different positions and operated by robot, manipulator, conveyors or manual.

Heating source : Heating by gas burner or electric

Possibility to have several temperature controlled zones in the same vertical oven, as well as a cooling zone prior to the unloading integrated in the tower.

Applications :
Our industrial vertical ovens have a wide range of applications : vertical polymerisation oven, vertical drying oven, vertical tempering oven, vertical annealing oven, vertical vulcanization oven, vertical curing oven, vertical preheating oven, vertical heat treatment oven, vertical stabilization oven, vertical ageing oven

35 Four de revenu vertical 450

Vertical oven for heat treating - vertical oven for tempering - Electrically heated 250°C (480°F) - Heating & cooling zone - Loading & unloading in the front side

Four vertical inox salle blanche 450

Vertical oven for clean room - Vertical oven for polymerization - All stainless steel 304 - Loading/unloading by robots - Cooling by water exchanger

33 Four vertical 450

Vertical oven for preheating - Vertical oven for preheating moulds - Loading/unloading at the same station operator needed

36 Four vertical surcuisson plaquettes de freins 450

Vertical oven for curing - Curing tower 570 - Automated loading/unloading by a robot - Fume/VOC incinerator and energy recovery exchanger

41 Four Paternoster 450

Vertical oven for steel web curing - Impregnation and drying of steel - Heating and cooling zone

40 Four Paternoster 450

Vertical oven for composite curing - Indexing conveying system - Manual loading/unloading at the same station

104b Four vertical de sechage de noyaux 450

Industrial vertical drying oven
to dry foundry cores

107 Four sechage cuisson PTFE 450

Industrial vertical drying oven
to dry PTFE coating
on metal wires for surgical tools

107 Vertical Conveyor Oven

Vertical chain conveyor oven for curing. Cumulated palets conveyed vertically into the oven

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