Ovens for the aeronautic, aerospace and defence industry

Elmetherm has years of experience in the manufacturing of industrial ovens for the aeronautic, aerospace and defence industries

Our batch ovens, continuous ovens, vertical ovens, paternosters, rotating ovens and other thermal equipments are used for the following applications :

  • Polymerization, curing and drying oven for forming of composite material
  • Oven for explosive and pyrotechnic composition tests
  • Polymerization oven and stabilization oven for products made of resin, silicone and plastic materials
  • Preheating by infrared for formingparts in carbon fibre and fibreglass
  • Polymerisation oven for Kevlar fibre
  • Drying oven with temperature and hygrometry control
  • Oven for curing and dryingpaint and powder coatings
  • Preheating of moulds for press
  • Drying and polymerisation oven for glues and coatings

Examples of industrial ovens for the aeronautic, aerospace and defence industry:


Composite curing oven
RTM Low-pressure casting for aileron spars
Polymerisation of resin inside moulds held under pressure


Batch oven for heat treatment
Stabilisation of workparts after chrome plating


Batch oven for polymerization composite workparts
Controlled temperature ramp
Process temperature 250 °C
Useful space 55 m3


Composite curing oven
fixed on a rotating horizontal spindle


Movable batch oven with two fixed hearths
to dry and preheat aluminium ingots for foundry
Heating temperature 450°C, loading weight 48T, volume of oven 90m3


Special oven for the heating and bending of carbon panels.


Heating oven for pyrotechnic compositions for explosion tests


Batch oven for polymerizing paintings on turbines.

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