Electrical lifting table, vertical oven

New product

Electromechanical chain lifting table Lifting tables are in charge of lifting and transporting heavy loads. Often the space available in the workshop is very limited. This is the reason why customers choose our electromechanical chain lifting table. The electrially chain driven table needs little space because the chain is rolled up. The drive is an […]

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Elmetherm faces the challenge

Elmetherm faces the challenge of Covid 19. All our departments are mobilized to take adapted measures linked to the security constraints while ensuring the continuity of our R&D and production activities. Actually, our workshops are full of thermal process machinery under construction. Elmetherm continues its efforts in order to be present when our customers and […]

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A New Sales Contract for 3 Swing Tray Ovens

Elmetherm has been awarded with the realization of 3 vertical ovens with swing trays. The customer is a French company supplier of plastic components used for the assembly of fuel tanks in the automotive industry. The ovens will contain 25 swing trays moving in the oven chamber according a paternoster pattern (loop). Every minute, 1 […]

COVID 19: Elmetherm maintains its activity

After the spread of COVID 19 and the presidential decret 2020-260 from March 16th 2020, Elmetherm has taken all necessary steps to protect its employees and to maintain its activity. This message is also intended to our business partners to assure you that Elmetherm will maintain its activity even during this crisis.