Infrared, microwave, high-frequency ovens

Because your applications are unique, the experts of ELMETHERM offer you a wide range of oven technologies such as based on air convection, infrared, microwave or high frequency , offering the best solution for productivity, energy saving and cycle time.

Technology for Thermal Processing - based on forced convected airflow
Elmetherm conceives and manufactures high performance ovens that deliver tight temperature and airflow uniformity for consistent, reliable results for simple to complex industrial applications.

The equipment may be designed for batch loading (batch ovens), or for a continuous flow (conveyor oven). Heat is transferred to the work by forced convection.

Forced convection enables temperature uniformity. Uniformity is achieved by minimizing heat loss i.e. through the oven walls, strategically locating fresh air and exhaust openings and the oven airstream is designed so air passing through the heating elements is adequately mixed.
The recirculation system utilizes adjustable louvers placed in the side walls to optimize air flow efficiency.

The most important factors determining temperature uniformity are the type of airflow and the volume of air being moved.
The best uniformities are maintained when airflow is uniform and reaches all points in the oven.


Cross-section of an infrared emitter


Infrared curing oven - Infrared curing oven - Curing of coated friction material


Composite forming machine - Infrared tunnel for the forming of carbon parts for aerospace industry


Infrared baking oven - Infrared oven for the baking of cookies


Infrared drying oven - Short wave infrared tunnel - Drying of varnish on rubber parts


High frequency drying oven - High-frequency oven - Drying of polyurethane foam