Industrial ovens for material production and forming

Elmetherm designs industrial ovens for the production and forming of composite materials, latex and rubber, construction materials, glass, cellulose, graphite, ceramics, enamel, and polymers including plastic materials, resins and silicone

Elmetherm has designed ovens for the following processes:

  • Manufacturing line for latex and rubber products, with complex conveying and handling, casting or mould soaking, drying , polymerisation and vulcanisation ovens
  • Polymerization oven and stabilisation oven of products made of silicone,resin and plastic materials
  • Drying and curing of composite materials with a layer of glue and other products
  • Drying oven for cellulose, graphite, ceramics, plaster, concrete and cement
  • Oven for keeping forming moulds warm
  • Drying oven for solvent evaporation
  • Heat treating oven for stabilization, ageing, annealing

Examples of special thermal machines used for material forming:


Vertical oven for holding forming moulds
with glass parts inside at 220°C
Manual loading and unloading at the same post
via a safety hatch


Drying and curing conveyor oven of composite material coated with glue and sprayed with an abrasive product
Design studied to ease cleaning of resin deposits


Drying conveyor oven for the assembly of particle filters.


Vertical oven for the polymerisation of silicone teats


Batch oven for the vulcanisation of rubber tubes


Heat treating oven for stabilisation of PVC sheets
Conveyor oven with heating to 120°C and cooling to 40°C


Conveyor oven for the curing of plastic parts.


Heat treating furnace for ageing of aluminium
Temperature: 250°C; Load: 24T; Useful volume: 180m3


Heat treating oven
Annealing of plastic lenses
Paternoster oven with handling tables for external loading/unloading


Heat treating furnace. Stabilisation of sheets of steel; temperature from 300 to 450°C

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