Ovens for the automotive and other transport industries

Elmetherm is a manufacturer of industrial ovens for the automotive and railway industry since 1975

ELMETHERM is a FORERUNNER and LEADER in the design and construction of industrial ovens dedicated to E-MOBILITY.

It is commonly accepted that the future of mobility for people and goods will be electric. And that electric mobility/e-mobility is the key to a climate-friendly future. It also represents a major technological challenge for today's automotive industry.

Since the beginning, ELMETHERM has made a significant contribution with its compact and efficient industrial ovens in terms of space saving, energy efficiency and reliability.

Our industrial ovens are tailor-made to be able to adapt to new and particular requirements linked to innovative and evolving production processes, materials and products.

More than ever, our customers trust our expertise in the fields of heat treatment, electricity, automation and mechanics. The expectations placed on Elmetherm are high:

-efficient thermal solutions (output, isotherm);
-solutions for energy savings and cost reduction;
-space-saving, compact and easily transferable industrial ovens;

-ovens that eliminate any risk of contamination of the products during heat treatment; ensured by an oven design that excludes any mechanism,
substances (chain, chain grease) and drives within the chamber/laboratory;

- installations that comply with current environmental and safety standards;
-competitiveness in terms of price and maintenance cost;
-easy to integrate into existing production lines;
-machines that are fully automated and linked to robots ensuring their precise up- & downstream operations.

And - ovens that can be used flexibly in an exhaustive variety of thermal transformation processes such as:

-sealing and more.

The thermal transformation processes carried out by our industrial ovens make it possible to produce and to transform materials and raw materials to ultimately obtain essential final products for the  e-mobility such as:

-sealing (protective layers) of resin on stators and rotors (electric motor);
-power modules;
-ECU: engine management systems ;
-electric generator;
-thermal management system (for batteries);
-DC/DC converter;
-regenerative braking: brake energy recycling systems ;

These products are crucial and strategic to the development of electric or hybrid vehicles and their commercial success today and in the future.

Thermal solutions = industrial ovens, that are the most used so far in the automotive e-mobility industry are:
- ovens with turntable, turntable ovens for example for thermal resistance tests of ECUs;
- continuous oven, combi-oven for example for preheating and curing/hardening of resin on stators;
- vertical oven (paternoster) for example to polymerize a protective layer on power electronics.

Oven solutions for the e-mobility

Our batch ovens, batch ovens, continuous ovens, vertical ovens, paternoster ovens, turntable ovens and other thermal processing systems are used in a variety of industrial manufacturing processes:

  • Ovens in the production of brake, clutch and other friction parts.
  • Dryers or drying ovens for evaporating solvent-based materials.
  • Polymerization ovens, drying ovens  for shaping and treatment related to the production of composite materials.
  • Ovens for vulcanizing molded rubber parts and other elastomers. End products: hoses, gaskets, pneumatic tubes, etc.
  • Ovens for preheating, drying and polymerisation of resins used for the protective sealing of electrical components.
  • End products: ignition coils, diode bridges, starters, alternators, sensors, insulators, stators, injectors, etc.
  • Ovens for polymerization and drying of paint and powder coatings.
  • Ovens for thermal stabilization of headlights made of polymer materials.
  • Ovens for heat treatment (tempering, hardening, aging) of steel and metal parts such as crankshafts and camshafts, ring gears, clutches, pistons, etc.
  • Drying ovens for the production of particle filters.
  • Tempering ovens for the manufacture of wipers.
  • Ovens for preheating insulation materials made of felt fleece before final shaping.
  • High-frequency ovens for drying insulating materials made of polyurethane foam.
  • Oven system for complex manufacturing processes using adhesives: 1. Application of adhesive; 2. Preheat and cure the adhesive
    in connection with materials made of metal, rubber, felt, other insulating materials and materials that can be used for the vehicle interior.
    Special systems that serve to treat parts that are used in vehicle air conditioning technology: e.g. B. coolers, condensers, etc. Process:
    Degreasing, immersion in a flux bath and drying.
    Special systems that serve drying and evaporation processes in the manufacture of elastomer-coated cylinder head gaskets. systems in powder metallurgy: sintering furnace, baking furnace.
    Based on our experience of successfully implemented projects in the automotive and railway industries, we are now able to offer you needs-based, individually tailored solutions in industrial furnace construction.

Examples of industrial ovens made for the automotive and railway industry:


Carousel conveyor oven for gluing the carpet on car seats
with heating, pressing and cooling


Paternoster oven for stress-relieving on materials for car headlights


Carousel oven for the potting of resin on electronic parts.


Vertical tower oven for the curing of brake pads; automated loading and unloading; gas heated; VOC recovery and incineration.


Tunnel oven for fluxing aluminium parts. High pressure fan blowing from the vertical.


Curing oven for friction components; Spiral conveying, integrated cooling, heating temperature 300°C


Vulcanisation oven line for rubber hoses.

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