Industrial ovens for metallurgy and foundry

Elmetherm designs batch ovens, bell furnaces, tunnels and other industrial ovens up to 300m3 and 650°C for metallurgy and foundry

Our thermal equipment is used for the following applications:

Sand core dryers, sand core drying ovens or ovens for foundry cores which are made of polystyrene or wax with  layers of ceramic coating

  • Preheating oven for tooling for forging press
  • Drying oven for aluminium ingots
  • Heatingoven for billets and ingots made of steel or aluminium for forging and shaping
  • Heat treating oven for stabilisation, tempering, annealing, aging and  homogenisation

Whatever your requirement, we can propose an adapted solution

Examples of industrial ovens for metallurgy and foundry:


Stabilisation oven for steel sheets
Temperature between 300°C and 450°C
Bell furnace with movable hearth


Industrial aluminium oven to dry and preheat ingots for foundry
Movable batch oven with two fixed hearths
Heating temperature 450°C, loading weight 48T, volume of oven 90m3


Set of five bell ovens for heating of tooling for press
Automatic conveying system with a self-guiding mobile trolley


Vertical conveyor oven for the drying of foundry sand cores.


Vertical conveyor oven for tempering.
Manual loading and unloading.


Tunnel oven for heating of aluminium discs.
The parts are conveyed in the vertical position.
Throughput: 1 part every 3 sec. Process temperature: 580 °C.


Batch oven for the preheating of press toolings
(die blocks)
Adjustable working temperature from 150°C to 300°C


Oven for ageing of aluminium cylinders Process
Temperature: 250 °C
Volume: 180 m3
Loading: 24t

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