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Electrical lifting table, vertical oven

Electromechanical chain lifting table

Lifting tables are in charge of lifting and transporting heavy loads.
Often the space available in the workshop is very limited.
This is the reason why customers choose our electromechanical chain
lifting table.

The electrially chain driven table needs little space because the chain
is rolled up.

The drive is an electric motor located on the base of the table.
Compared to an hydraulic lifting table, it is silent, constant in speed
and precise at every stop. Furthermore it needs less maintenance
(no control of hydraulic fluids) contributing to cleanliness and security in the workshop.

The chain itself works in two directions: pulling and pushing.
Working in one direction it pulls like a normal chain. While moving in the opposite direction, the chain links are interlocked with on another to make a rigid chain. It has similar features to a bar.

The rigid chain lifting table can easily be integrated into assembly lines
or used for the loading and unloading of products.

Elmetherm also uses this type of lifting table to feed or to stack in
pallets into the vertical ovens working with tray stacks.