Shipment of a 3rd swing tray oven


Elmetherm has been awarded with a new contract for the construction of 3 vertical, swing tray ovens. Today Elmetherm will ship the 3rd oven, the previous two having been delivered in 2020.

The customer is a German company supplying interior components for the automotive industry. The thermal process consists of drying a layer of lacquer on a thermoplastic part.

The oven is equipped with 22 swing measuring 1000 x 450 mm, which run through the heating zone in a circular pattern known as a “paternoster”.
The particularity of the swing trays are that the bottom are removable and mobile, which facilitates the loading and unloading operations performed by a robot and by a table that moves upstream to and forth the oven.

The trays will run through the heating zone of the oven at about 100 °C during 60 min. Oven dimensions: 2.60 m x 2 m x 5.20 m.

The swing tray oven will be commissioned by Elmetherm at the customer’s site in Germany till the end of June 2021.