Turntable oven … reaching new dizzy size

Turntable oven potting inverter

Elmetherm is currently building the largest turntable oven in its history.

The customer is a French company that will supply a production line for inverter potting for an electric motor/ e-mobility manufacturer in France.

The turntable oven will measure approximately 3.50 m x 3.40 m and reach a height (overall) of more than 6 m (!). This means the biggest table diameter and the highest ever made.

The inverters will be loaded on the front part of the oven, on 8 levels;
The lowest table level is approx. < 1 m and the highest is approx. < 3 m.

The turntable will include distinct heating and cooling zones. The installation is scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2023.