Ovens for the automotive and the railway industry

Elmetherm is a manufacturer of industrial ovens for the automotive and railway industry since 1975

Our batch ovens, continuous ovens, vertical ovens, paternosters ovens, rotating ovens and other equipments are used for all types of applications:

  • Curing oven for brake pads, clutches and other friction components
  • Drying oven for evaporation of solvents
  • Polymerization, curing and drying oven for forming of composite materials
  • Vulcanisation oven for rubber parts and other elastomers : hose, seals, pipes, pneumatic tubes
  • Preheating and drying oven, polymerization oven for resin for protection of electronic equipment : ignition coils, diode bridges, alternators, starters, calculators, sensors, insulators, stators, injectors
  • Polymerization and drying oven for painting and powder coating
  • Thermal stabilizing oven for signalling lights and lighting devices in polymers
  • Heat treatment oven (stabilization, tempering, annealing) for head gaskets, shafts, pinions, clutch gearwheel, pistons
  • Drying oven for particle filters
  • Tempering oven for windscreen wipers with polymer coating
  • Preheating oven for felt and sound-proofing before forming
  • High frequency drying tunnels of polyurethane foam
  • Gluing production line : coating or use of ready coated parts, preheating oven, polymerization oven of glue for metal, rubber, felt parts, sound proofing materials, carpets for car seats
  • Degreasing, fluxing and drying oven of air-conditioning parts (exchangers, radiators, evaporators)
  • Drying and polymerization oven for silicon coating of head gaskets
  • Sintering oven for powders

Thank's to our experience in the design and manufacture of industrial ovens for the automotive and railway industries, we are able to propose made-to-measure solutions that meet your requirements

Examples of industrial ovens made for the automotive and railway industry:


Carousel conveyor oven for gluing the carpet on car seats
with heating, pressing and cooling


Paternoster oven for stress-relieving on materials for car headlights


Carousel oven for the potting of resin on electronic parts.


Vertical tower oven for the curing of brake pads; automated loading and unloading; gas heated; VOC recovery and incineration.


Tunnel oven for fluxing aluminium parts. High pressure fan blowing from the vertical.


Curing oven for friction components; Spiral conveying, integrated cooling, heating temperature 300°C


Vulcanisation oven line for rubber hoses.

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