A New Sales Contract for 3 Swing Tray Ovens

Four à balancelles2_Cuisson

Elmetherm has been awarded with the realization of 3 vertical ovens with swing trays.

The customer is a French company supplier of plastic components used for the assembly of fuel tanks in the automotive industry.

The ovens will contain 25 swing trays moving in the oven chamber according a paternoster pattern (loop).

Every minute, 1 pallet with products is loaded & unloaded from a loading and unloading station located at the front of the oven.

The pallets move in the oven performing a loop during about 35 min at 120 °C. Oven size: L 2,60 m x W 1,90 m x H 5,80 m.

The oven will be delivered during august to three different sites, 2 sites in North America and 1 site in Eastern Europe.