Elmetherm ships a vertical oven of the superlatives to the US.

Four USA

For a Customer in the US:

Everone knows that the USA is a country of the superlatives with the reputation of giving unlimited possibilities. For these reasons and especially considering the actual geopolitical situation, the US industrial market is known of being particularly challenging. Today, Elmetherm can rejoice itself of a new technical and commercial success with the shipping of an impressive industrial oven installation realized within a record time.

Custom conveying and handling:

The equipment comprehends a vertical tray oven with two separated automated loading and unloading stations located in front of the oven including a custom manipulator. The US customer is a specialized manufacturer of high value-added glass product used in the construction industry, especially for skyscrapers.

An equipment with exceptional dimensions:

The equipment weighs more than 30 tons. It has more than 20 giant sized trays (3,50 m x 2,0 m) that supports one flat glass product (window) that is very thin and fragile. The products circulate within the oven through 4 distinct heating zones and are subject to heat treatments at about 140 °C.

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