A Chinese brake manufacturer’s visit

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About the visitors:

Under the mediation and participation of a German machine manufacturer specialized in foundry core shooters, a delegation of the Chinese end customer, a major industrial group and foundry producing brake discs, recently paid a visit to Elmetherm.

Background of the visit:

Elmetherm and both of the foreign companies are actually working on an important oven project which implies the design, the assembly and setting-up of two complete Vertical Oven Lines with integrated and fully automated upstream and downstream conveying systems (customized and turnkey solutions). The objective of the visit was to exchange experiences and knowhow as regards the oven technology applied for the drying of coated foundry sand cores.

Elmetherm and its oven solutions for the foundry industry:

Enriched by numerous and successful projects realized for customers in the steel and foundry industries in the past, Elmetherm today is able to propose proven and performant oven solutions for industrial processes such as for the the Drying of coated foundry sand cores requested for the production of brake discs. After the sand cores had been dipped into the coating liquid, they are deposited by robots on customized palets in order to be conveyed to the drying oven. The drying in the oven (for example: at 110 °C during 30 – 45 min) under heated and convected air has the positive effect of reaching qualitative (dried sand cores) and quantitive (throughput) target criteria previously set by the end customer.

Elmetherm and its oven solutions for the brake industry:

Elmetherm has a recognized expertise for applications in the Brake industry for the transport sector (automotive, rail etc.). This concerns not only the production of brake discs, but also the curing of brake pads. Elmetherm offers custom and turnkey oven solution for the curing of various aggregates (ceramics, binding agents, etc.) on the brake pad support (steel).

For any further details click on the following title Ovens for Curing of Brake pads.


Elmetherm has been charged with the design and the implementation of 2 drying oven lines . The contract volume almost amounts up to 1 Million Euros. Both lines have to be build up and handed over to the customer in China until the end of 2018.