santé sécurité

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020 and the recent geopolitical crisis in Eastern Europe developments in the health and security/defence sectors have continued to gain momentum.

Customer in Health Sector:

An Irish-based healthcare group specialising in the manufacture of surgical wires is commissioning a special machine largely inspired by the vertical oven.

Customer in Corrective Surgery Sector:

A German-based healthcare company specializing in surgical implants consulted Elmetherm for a pre-study for a complete automated manufacturing line in 2020. After the study was completed to the entire satisfaction of the customer, it subsequently decided to entrust Elmetherm with the implementation of the line scheduled for late 2023.

Customer in Strategical Defence & Security:

A major global player in the defence sector entrusted us with the realisation of a special installation/machine.

Outlook to the future:

Faced with these new applications, ELMETHERM was able to adapt perfectly to the expectations of these sectors and won major challenging projects for the next future.

The constant work of being attentive to the customer’s needs and competent advising from the pre-project phase through to the realisation of the machine concept lay the foundation of this success story.