You deserve the best advice – right from the beginning

Elmetherm offers thermprocess solutions focused on the customer:
The widely used terms “custom” and “turnkey” are the best expressions for the services Elmetherm can deliver. All our equipments are resolutely developed and realized according the needs of the customer. These needs are expressed in the so-called “specifications” which are the starting point and the references for our oven developments.

You know Your strengths – our strength is heating:
For many customers (regular, as well as new customers), their proper products and processes are self-evident, as they know them the best. On the other hand, every step in an oven project may appear to them as difficult to understand, not transparent. Therefore it is important for both sides to exchange clear information at every step of a project. It forms the basis of a lasting relationship based on trust and success.

Information – basis of a successful collaboration:
It is important that the customer knows about every major step of an oven project and the technical content involved. We make these information for you available as we serve to our prior objective which is to satisfy you as our customer, by delivering technical solutions that match to your needs and expectations.

You contact an oven supplier:
If you contact a potential oven supplier with an enquiry that consists of 2 phrases, written in a telegram style, and that the oven supplier responds to it with an explicit and detailed offer, the greatest vigilance is warranted. A lot of factors determine the success of an oven project. One major factor is  the collection and analysis of essential information right from the beginning. That is the reason why Elmetherm offers a questionnaire as a help to express these needs. As soon as we received your form, our technical sales contacts you to discuss your project in details.
This is the usal way Elmetherm deals with every customer demand.

Website and sales contact:
All our customers can express their needs, explain their project via the website
You can find the mentioned questionnaire under:
Shortly after receiving your demand, our technical sales will contact you to evaluate your demand and to advise you on the appropriate oven solution.